ates do not belong to light hypnosis, as it can hardly be claimed[93] that men fall into light hypnosis twice, or possibly more than that, every day of their life. We do not go into light hypnosis wit


h every nap we take. We do, however, go into the hypnoidal state when we pass into sleep or come

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out of sleep. Every drowsy state has the hypnoidal state as one of its constituents; every slee

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p state is preceded and followed by the hypnoidal state. Hypnosis may be regarded as belongin

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g to the abnormal mental states, while the hypnoidal state is more closely allied to waking and

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sleep, and belongs to the normal, physiological, mental states. At first, I regarded the hypnoid

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al state as peculiar, but as I proceeded with my observations and experiments I could not help c

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nature of waking and sleep, but also to possess some characteristics of hypnosis, namely, suggestibility. It is clear that, from the very nature of its mixed symptomatology, the hypnoidal state is var

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related state
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may be observed
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, a stat
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e which I have


ons and experiments on human subjects and patients, and also to the treatment of man’s psychopathic ailments. I undertook a series of experiments on sleep, both from a phylogenetic and ontogenetic st

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